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Blurb from article: I’m a 25-year-old millennial newlywed who just bought my first home — here’s how I make and spend my money…Original Article from Business InsiderClick here to read!

Brunch is a great deal, but we also wind up spending $37.45 on a dog sitter for our small puppy. We hit all the hotspots in Philadelphia before stopping at Gran Caffe L’Aquila to treat our friends to some drinks. The cafe’s wine list is insane and their gelato is to die for. We spend $36.47 before heading to Steve’s Steaks for THE BEST cheesesteak in Philly. My husband and I spend $20 there.

On our way back home, we stop at a liquor store and grab some cheap wine for $14.03 to pregame with. Tonight, we’re heading out to a few local bars in town. Our Uber there is only $6.55 and we find a college bar that has $3 well drinks (win!) and all the best 90’s music.

My husband and I close our $32 tab before grabbing an Uber home for $11.62.

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