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~ Sugo Della Domenica: An authentic Italian tradition ~

Experience Italian Sunday sauce the way Italians in Italy do: the homemade pasta and slow cooked meats separately

Experience an authentic Italian tradition and flavor of Sunday dinner any day of the week at Gran Caffe L’Aquila!

Sugo della Domenica is now a permanent tasting experience on our menu featuring a Primo (a tasting of Fusili Cilentani) and Secondo (a tasting of Veal Braciole, Sausage & Wild Boar meatballs smothered in sauce)

The authentic Italian Sunday sauce (Sugo della Domenica) is a long time recipe of Riccardo Longo’s family. Although Riccardo was born in Rome, his father and nonna’s home town is in the Cilento area of Campania, south of the Amalfi coast. There his nonna and father would cook the veal braciole, sausage, lamb, and pork meatballs slowly in an artisanal tomato sauce to develop deep rich flavor. This opera of art will become 2 separate dishes: il Primo and il Secondo. 

Il Primo:

The local pasta of the family and region is fusili cilentani, thick flour and water hand rolled pasta rods which are tossed with the Sunday sauce along with some of the smaller delicious morsels of lamb, veal & pork; then crowned with grated pecorino-caprino cheese. 

Il secondo:

In Italy, meatballs & larger cuts of meat are not served on pasta but rather as a ‘secondo’ separately…In this case the veal braciole, pork/hot pepper meatballs, & sweet sausage smothered with its sauce are served as a meat ‘secondo’

A side of sautéed garlic broccoli rabe with the meats is optional…


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Buon Appetito!

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