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    What are the different ways to buy products from this site?

    Nationwide Delivery – Order directly through and those items will be mailed to your door. Pretty much everything in our store is good for national delivery except hot lunch and dinner items. 

    Curbside Pickup - Order directly through and pickup at our 1716 Chestnut Street location at your desired time. Everything in our store can be ordered for curbside pickup.

    Walk in – Walk up to our door at 1716 Chestnut Street and purchase. Most items are available for walk up, however we would urge you to order online as we manage that inventory directly. Curbside pickup is also generally faster. 

    Local Delivery through Mercato – You'll be redirected to the Mercato website to place an order for local delivery in Philadelphia. This is mostly grocery items and party trays.

    Local Delivery through Caviar – You'll be redirected to the Caviar website to place an order for local delivery in the Philadelphia area. This is mostly our restaurant menu items, delivered to your door for lunch or dinner. 

    I see that Gelato is available for national delivery. How do you keep it cold if I live across the country?

    All of our shipped Gelato is packed in a cooler box with dry ice. If this price seems a little high to you it's because of dry ice and packaging. 

    Why can't I combine some items in my cart? 

    Some items are only available for certain types of purchases. For instance, if you have a gift card in your cart for national delivery to a friend in Kansas, you won't be able to combine that order with a gelato pickup. Individual products are labeled with the type of shipping and pickup options that are available for that individual product. 

    Caviar isn't working for me.

    This could be for a variety of reasons. If we become too busy sometimes we have to turn off our Caviar delivery service, there are also situations where Caviar will temporarily turn off their service. Please give us a call if you think this is an error. 

    Where is my order?

    If it seems that it has been an unreasonably long time and you haven't received your order please fill out our contact form and include your order number. A member of our team will figure out if there's an issue and let you know right away.