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    International Cultural Immersion Program

    Expound Italian Culture as an Italian Ambassador in Philadelphia

    “Come and Experience the history and tradition of Philadelphia for a year”

    “Gran Caffe L’Aquila is a landmark Italian experience featuring acclaimed restaurant run by Award winning Culinary & wine Director Riccardo Longo & International   gelato Champion  Stefano Biasini , also featuring Award winning torrefazione which represented Italy at the g8 summit, pasticieria, authentic Italian bar, and Italian culture and language school.  

    Participate in the Cultural Representative Program with Gran Caffe L’Aquila Programs, to promote Italy with international guests for an entire year, all the while acquiring an extremely valuable professional experience.


    Cultural Immersion Program

    Gran Caffe L’Aquila Story

    Gran Caffe L'Aquila is an Italian Cultural immersion experience run by Italian partners Riccardo Longo and  Gelato Champion Stefano Biasini that brings a restaurant, culture school, Italian bar, pasticceria, gelateria and torrefazione to the city.  The original Gran Caffe L’Aquila won caffe of the year for all of Italy in 2007 and represented Italy at the G8 summit for authentic Italian coffee culture. Unfortunately, the city of L’Aquila was destroyed in an earthquake, leading  Biasini to meet Longo during one a culinary and wine tour in 2012. An immediate friendship blossomed. Biasini fell in love with Philadelphia’s Abruzzo roots after visiting the city, and with the city of L’Aquila in the midst of a 20-year rebuilding project, the idea to bring an Italian landmark to Philadelphia was born. 

    Gran Caffe L’Aquila’s education mission begins with Longo’s weekly city menus based on his many trips to over 50 Italian cities. Each week, guests experience the diversity of food & wine of a different Italian city. Through a partnership with the America-Italy Society, Longo and Biasini organize cultural classes on Saturday afternoons, where guests can learn the history of a chosen Italian city, from a native Italian, while enjoying the food and wine of that city. The school also offers four levels of Italian language.

    Their dedication to bringing authentic Italian culture to Philadelphia extends to supporting Italian arts through exhibitions at the restaurant, along with wine tastings, sponsoring Italian concerts, and Seria A Soccer events. The mission is always to promote Italian culture through education & passion for Italian excellence.

    Awards and honors over the past few years: Gambero Rosso Restaurant Award (1st ever Phialdelphia restaurant awarded)Listed among best Italian Restaurants in the world), Italian Gelato Champion,International PressGelato World Champion, Philadelphia Area Concierge Association “Best Restaurant in Philadelphia”,Wine SpectatorAward of Excellence, AIS Italian Culture Award,Best of Philly“Best Italian Restaurant” & “Best Gelato '', Gambero Rosso “3 coffee beans” (highest award for coffee in Italy), Eccelenze Italiane (Italian award for excellence in promoting culture), IABCN International Project of the Year,Philadelphia Style“Best Of Style”, Filitalia Italian Entrepreneurship Award, “Official Coffee” of G8 summit in Italy.

    A Brief History of Philadelphia

    Philadelphia, as we know it, dates back to 1681 when King Charles II granted a large amount of land in North America to a Quaker named William Penn.  In 1682 Penn sailed to North America and established the colony of Pennsylvania and founded the city of Philadelphia.  

    Philadelphia has been one of the most iconic locations that celebrates the USA’s rich history of liberty.  Philadelphia is where the first and second Continental Congress met in 1774 and 1775 respectively.   In 1776 the Declaration of independence was signed in Philadelphia.

    In the 19th century Philadelphia grew into a major manufacturing center with a booming population.  Immigrants from all over the world poured into Philadelphia to take advantage of all the burgeoning opportunities.   Philadelphia became a cultural hotspot with the Philadelphia Zoo and Museum of Art opening as well as hosting the World’s Fair in 1876.  

    From the 20th Century until today, Philadelphia has continued to thrive due to its rich diversity and sense of community.   

     Some Fine Highlights of the Program 

    Tours of historic Philadelphia
    Museum Trips
    Day Trips to NYC and Washington
    Photo day at the Rocky Statue.


    Live in the heart of beautiful Philadelphia in the prestigious Rittenhouse Square area.  Housing will be provided by Gran Caffe L’Aquila in well appointed apartment units located in the same landmark building as Gran Caffe L’Aquila.   Rent will be deducted directly from your salary.  You will be working between 36 to 48 hours per week. You will have at least 2 full days off per week.  

    Travel Services

    Gran Caffe L’Aquila will assist you with obtaining your visa and medical insurance.   We also offer an optional travel program which includes airfare and all transfers.
    Gran Caffe L’Aquila Servers with an Image or the Gran Caffe L’Aquila location on the right

    Positions Available:
    • Server
    • Barista
    • Bartender
    • Host/Hostess
    • Counter Sales
    • Minimum 18 years old
    • Have an Italian Passport valid for at least 2 years from time of submission. 
    • English Fluency
    • Be available for 12 to 15 months.

    Enroll Today!

    We are now recruiting for 2022!

    Application deadlines:

    All applications must be received no later than June 15th, 2022

    Applicants will schedule an in-person interview.  

    Applications are expected to arrive between September and November of 2022.